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Polish Public Opinion

February 2023

War in Ukraine and the international reaction
Inflation and public finances
COVID-19 and flu: which is the bigger threat
Activities and experiences of Poles in 2022

"Opinions and Diagnoses"

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Young Poles in CBOS Surveys 1989–2021

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Youth 2021

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Secularisation in Poland


Holiday Trips in 2022 and Plans for 2023
Political Party Preferences in February
Political Party Preferences in February
Opinions about Parliament and President in February
COVID-19 or Influenza – Which Are We More Afraid of?
Social Moods in February
Trust in Politicians in February
Attitude to Government in February
Moods on the Job Market in March
Opinions about Wind Energy
Poles on the War in Ukraine One Year after Its Outbreak
Liking for Americans Has Reached Record Levels

Systematic research since 1993 shows that Americans are among those nations that Polish people like the most. This affirmative attitude has been declared particularly often this year, by two thirds of those asked (68%), with a bare 6% of respondents expressing dislike. The record level of positivity towards Americans can be linked to the increased presence of the US military in Poland, the USA’s support of Ukraine, and US declarations, in the context of Russia’s armed aggression towards Ukraine, of engagement in the defence of Polish borders if need be.
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More on this subject in the forthcoming CBOS report.
This ‘Current Events and Problems’ survey (394) was conducted using a mixed-mode procedure on a representative sample of named adult residents of Poland, randomly selected from the National Identity Number (PESEL) register. Respondents independently selected one of the following methods: Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI); Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI), respondents receiving researchers’ telephone numbers in an introductory letter from CBOS; Computer Assisted Web Interview (CAWI), where respondents filled in the online questionnaire independently, gaining access by means of a login and password provided in an introductory letter from CBOS. In all three cases the questionnaire had the same structure and comprised the same questions. The survey was carried out between 6 –19 February 2023 inclusive on a sample of 982 people (58.4% using the CAPI method, 25.9% CATI and 15.7% CAWI). CBOS has been conducting statutory research using the above procedure since May 2020, stating in each case the percentage of personal, telephone and internet interviews.

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