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 Financial situation of households
 Procreation plans of women
 Material goods in households
 Pilgrimages of Polish people
 Cena wersji elektronicznej (plik pdf) - 10.50 zł
 Opinions about membership in the European Union in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary
 Opinions about presidential vetoes to changes in the judiciary
 Democratic principles and their fulfilment in Poland
 Opinions about mandatory vaccination of children
JULY 2017
 Topics for a referendum
 Adult children living with parents
 Financing of public media
 Safety on the road
JUNE 2017
 Representativeness of the political scene
 Social perception of poverty
 Factors of professional success
 Use of mobile phones in cars
MAY 2017
 Expectations from politicians related to migration crisis
 Perception of corruption in Poland
 Poland: a divided country
 Distance to media coverage
APRIL 2017
 Reactions to re-election of Donald Tusk as president of the European Council
 Opinions about security and crime threat
 Preferred model of the European Union
 Internet use
MARCH 2017
 Attitude to NATO and to the presence of allied forces in Poland
 Evaluation of the judiciary
 Opinions about the "Family 500+" programme one year after introduction
 Holiday travel in 2016
 Opinions about Donald Tusk, president of the European Council
 Attitude to other nationalities
 Polish anti-communist underground in collective memory
 Opinions about democracy
 Public perception of the parliamentary crisis
 Political party preferences in January
 Satisfaction with life
 Subjective well-being in 2016