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Solid and Professional


Photograph of CBOS headquarters
The Public Opinion Research Center (CBOS) established in 1982, is a publicly funded independent research centre. It is one of the largest and most renowned public opinion research institutes in Poland.

CBOS conducts research to satisfy the needs of Polish public administration bodies and societies at large, as well as various other interested institutions: local government, the press and television, industry and advertising agencies. We offer a full range of data collection techniques, including face-to-face and telephone interviews, various group discussions, executive and in-depth interviews, mail surveys, etc. We have also extensive experience in panel survey methods.

Our expertise in providing professional, accurate, reliable and timely research studies have made us tops in:

  • political and social research
  • international research
  • financial research
  • business-to-business research
  • elite tracking study
  • consumer and market research