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Solid and Professional


Market research constitutes an important element of our activities. The companies which want to use the services of CBOS can count on us to perform research to the highest standard of quality, which we achieve through:
  • applying the latest methods of mathematical statistics during the sampling process;
  • our disciplined network of interviewers, which is one of the largest in Poland;
  • our professional approach to the execution of quantitative and qualitative surveys;
  • the experience, imagination and high skills of our staff;
  • comprehensive statistical analyses used by us to interpret the results.

We offer a full range of specialist surveys in all key areas of market research:

Product and price
  • Testing of existing products;
  • Testing of product concepts;
  • Analyzing demand for a product;
  • Packaging tests;
  • Price flexibility analyses.
  • Studying response to advertising campaigns;
  • Analysing the effectiveness of advertising;
  • Advertisement tests.
  • Customer satisfaction (tests of satisfaction with a product/service);
  • Segmentation studies;
  • Surveys of brand recognition and perception.
  • Market share;
  • Surveys of employees: employee satisfaction;
  • Studies of the company's image.