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Solid and Professional


CBOS conducts qualitative and quantitative surveys and projects combining these two methods. Each project is unique, so we are always ready to satisfy the individual needs of our clients.

Qualitative studies

Based on our fieldwork network, we have created a nationwide network of persons engaged in the recruitment of participants for qualitative surveys.

In the CBOS office in Warsaw (ul. Świętojerska 5/7) we have a professionally equipped room for conducting qualitative studies (equipment for recording meetings/ interviews, two-way mirror), where our clients can observe the sessions. Clients located outside Warsaw can follow the interviews on an ongoing basis through the Internet.

For FGI or in-depth interviews conducted out of Warsaw, we use either professional FGI rooms or other rooms in which we install our own audiovisual equipment.
  • In-depth interviews enable us to reveal the emotional and motivational patterns of behaviour. On many occasions, such interviews accompany quantitative studies. They are also used when the survey topic is sensitive or when it is impossible or very difficult to conduct a group interview with a specific category of respondents.
  • Focus Group Interview currently the most frequently used method of qualitative research, used either independently or in combination with quantitative studies as part of a wider research project. FGIs are particularly often used to study consumer behaviour, image, brand position and effectiveness of advertising. This method allows the use of projection techniques (Chinese portrait, collage, unfinished sentence test, brand party game etc.).

Quantitative studies

  • omnibus survey it is sometimes enough to ask a few questions to obtain the information one needs. This is the purpose of the omnibus survey - a multi-topical survey conducted every month on a representative sample of ą 1000 adult Poles. The survey is conducted by a face-to-face interview method. The interviews are conducted by trained interviewers. The questionnaires contain groups of questions commissioned by several clients. The omnibus survey is conducted in the third week of each month. In this way, we are able to monitor the changes in the opinions, behaviour or attitudes on an ongoing basis. All CBOS omnibus surveys contain a large demographic section used to collect information about the socio-demographic features of the respondents. This section contains questions about: age, gender, place of residence, education, occupation, marital status. At the request of our Clients, we can add other items without an extra charge.
  • ad hoc survey conducted when the scope and type of the requested information require an independent survey. Such surveys are conducted in the form of a questionnaire-based interview on nationwide representative samples or target samples representative for selected social and consumer groups, institutions or regions.
  • in-hall test & in-home test a survey conducted on a target sample reflecting the structure of a specific group of consumers or customers. Such a test includes the preliminary interview conducted by an interviewer, the form completed by a customer during the product test and the final interview. This type of survey is used to evaluate products, their names or packaging.
  • CATI such surveys are usually conducted in big cities, with the use of a short questionnaire containing simple questions which do not require the use of any additional materials.
  • mystery shopping this survey is conducted by means of hidden observation in the natural environment to evaluate the process of sales of specific services.

Centrum Badania Opinii Społecznej also prepares desk research studies, i.e. analyses based on existing data obtained from public and private institutions or on previously published results of market or public opinion research.